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3 reasons for solicitors to take the online marketing of their practice seriously

As a solicitor, it goes without saying that your job is a highly demanding and responsible one, for which impeccable specialist knowledge is needed at every stage of your relationships with your clients, to whom you will wish to provide the best service, whatever their specific circumstances.

The legal profession is a niche and vitally important one, but also one in which competition is stiff. Here are three reasons why your legal practice should make its online marketing one of its uppermost priorities.

It enables you to highlight your specialist knowledge

 When a client is about to engage in legal proceedings, they need to be sure that the solicitor representing them is up to the required standard, and one of the ways you can reassure potential clients is by showcasing your skills and qualifications.

A coherent and well-judged content strategy is a great way to highlight these qualities in an engaging manner. You could produce articles on the current issues surrounding the legal sector or answering some of the main questions that your practice receives, while connecting this information back to how your knowledge could benefit the reader when they become a client.

If, however, you struggle to effectively communicate the merits of your legal practice to a non-legal audience, it may be time to give Futura’s team a call. Our professionals are skilled in providing the highest standard of web design for solicitors, so that you can be sure of an online home that shows your practice at its best, while we can also handle your content marketing campaigns in a manner that assists your rise up the Google rankings.

It’ll help you to generate more leads

In a crowded marketplace, a clear and vibrant website could help to set apart your legal practice from its competitors. However, if the client cannot easily contact you or find the information that they require, it may be difficult to generate consistent leads from even the best-looking website.

You need to make your practice as accessible as possible, which is why it may be worth installing live chat features on your site, together with strong calls-to-action on all content that you produce. These features will help you to deliver a reassuringly personalised service at what may be a very difficult time for your client.

It allows you to be accessible, anywhere

 Businesses across the sectors have embraced the digital revolution, and the legal sector should be no different. So much content is now accessed via ‘on the go’ digital platforms that your practice could be missing out on clients if it lacks a mobile-friendly website.

A great mobile site could give your legal practice a refreshed and modern image, while it also shows that you are genuinely interested in the experience of the user – potentially leading to more sales and leads.

Here at Futura, we understand that you may not have time to work on an effective online marketing strategy for your legal practice, so why not contact us to discuss our bespoke solutions and let us do the hard work for you?

About the author
Rahul is the Creative Director and Co-Founder at Futura, overseeing all creative output from the studio. With an execellent eye for detail, he solves problems with clear & simple design.


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