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The London Law Practice is a UK-based law firm that offers comprehensive legal services to Entrepreneurs, SME’s and Corporates.

What We Did
  • Rebranded The Firm
  • Redefined Perceptions In The Marketplace
  • Generated New Leads
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Client Retention Rate

The Challenge

When the firm approached Futura, it was a successful business that had been trading for 6 years. Whilst relatively small in size, it held its own amongst other medium sized law firms in London. The perception of the firm in the marketplace, however, meant that the firm had reached a turnover plateau and was failing to scale and win bigger client contracts.

The firm was not actively promoting how its unique approach and vision benefitted prospective clients and the business community. Whilst it was apparent that internally the firm shared a unique vision, this wasn’t being communicated externally in a compelling way.

With new leadership seeking to grow the firm’s visibility and turnover, they sought our assistance to bring the company’s unique value to the forefront of their marketing efforts.

The Solution

We began our rebranding of The London Law Practice with a discovery phase that involved meeting with the firm’s Managing Partners, conducting interviews with current clients, researching competitors and talking with the firm’s solicitors. This in-depth research confirmed that the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit and focus on solving business problems were the cornerstone of its success.

Our analysis led to a new brand position – Business Growth. Powered By The Law – that conveys the idea that everything The London Law Practice does is purposeful and is founded on achieving practical, easy to understand business solutions based on legal insight, creativity and commercial expertise.

The new positioning was reflected in updated messaging and imagery, which were used as the basis for the firm’s rebrand and then consistently incorporated into a corporate brochure, a revamped website, sector focussed microsites, sales letters and targetted marketing campaigns.

To share the firm’s expertise, foster engagement and cultivate the new business focussed brand platform, we helped the firm develop its Business Breakfast forums. The educational speaker forums enhanced the firm’s reputation as an industry leader while offering significant value for current and prospective clients.

the results

Internally, the brand refresh has successfully generated excitement and “buy-in” amongst employees, giving them a sense of ownership and pride in the firm as well as confidence in its growth aspirations. This has had a positive impact on recruitment and retention.

In terms of external marketing, the company has experienced improved online visibility with the development of its new website and sector specific microsites. We delivered an improved user experience as well as increased traffic and visitor engagement.

The firm’s new brand position has helped the company gain recognition as a top-ranked competitor, nearly doubling in size, and helped position the company to grow through strategic client acquisition.

The London Law Practice is engaging prospects with a compelling differentiated message and a cohesive value proposition, resulting in larger deal opportunities in their pipeline.


inquiries generated per month


mailing list sign ups per month

6 Minutes

average time spent on website

The firm’s new brand position has helped the company gain recognition as a top-ranked competitor, nearly doubling in size, and helped position the company to grow through strategic client acquisition.

We have worked with Futura to shape our digital marketing strategy and thus far, they have been a valuable and trusted partner for us. They display a highly integrated understanding of brand strategy, consumer psychology, website usability and social media marketing that is impressive to say the least.

They have an ability to quickly get under the skin of each business that they work with, identify their challenges, growth areas and untapped markets and suggest strategies that are common sense and practical to implement. They have already helped us clarify and develop our marketing strategy with a more methodical approach.

The London Law Practice


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