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Help your website to generate more sales, leads and revenue

Your firm’s website is central to the success or failure of its all-round online presence – that, after all, is why you engaged the services of a web development company like Futura, or are considering doing so.

There is relentless pressure on even small businesses to do everything they can to maximise the leads, sales and revenue that they generate from their website. However, a complete redesign or rebuild isn’t always necessary to achieve this. Here are just some of the simple steps that you can take.

Use call tracking

Online businesses that are generating phone enquiries from multiple sources might wish to have some means of separating those who arrive from different sources.

What about sending each group of people to a different landing page with a different phone number? Have all of your call tracking numbers route directly to your main phone number, and you will be able to gain invaluable insights into whether you’re going right and wrong with your efforts to attract phone calls, without any disturbance in the handling of your phone leads.

Present an exit pop-up offer

It ultimately costs something to attract every single one of your visitors to your website, even if they swiftly click the browser ‘back’ button and never return to your site.

It therefore makes plenty of sense to do everything possible to convert those casual or unimpressed visitors into buyers. What about a pop-up exit offer? Even if they seemingly make only a small difference to your site’s conversion rates, such exit capture can add up to quite a big impact over time.

Split test changes to your landing pages

Did you know that even the most seemingly minor alteration to your landing page, such as a call-to-action button’s colour and the exact text that is used on it, can make for sizeable improvements?

Test multiple versions of your landing page side-by-side to see which options produce the better conversions.

Install a ‘live chat’ feature

‘Live chat’ is now a popular feature on ecommerce sites, but there’s no type of online business site that couldn’t benefit from such a seemingly simple, but profoundly impactful tool.

Consider, for example, a restaurant that is trying to get more people to make reservations and in-person visits. ‘Live chat’ could help to encourage those reservations and give potential visitors a means of resolving some simple queries, such as the directions they need to take to get to the restaurant.

Contact the Futura team today on 020 7993 4477 to learn more about how our expertise as a web development company could be brought to bear on making your business’s online presence as impactful and relevant as possible, beyond the above stated ‘quick fixes’.

About the author
Rahul is the Creative Director and Co-Founder at Futura, overseeing all creative output from the studio. With an execellent eye for detail, he solves problems with clear & simple design.

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