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Why websites that actually grow businesses don’t come cheap

Let’s imagine that you have a truly great product or service that you have spent several months or even a year developing into the alluring prospect that it is now. You’ve done everything that you need to do to ready that product for the market, right down to having the first batch produced and a compelling brand identity crafted.

However, as a cash-savvy entrepreneur, you’ve decided not to have your company website created by an agency with a longstanding reputation in ecommerce website design, but instead ‘that guy’ down the road who builds websites in his spare time.

Now, you can probably tell what conclusion we’re gradually working our way towards. You may have, after all, already got in touch with a host of ecommerce website design agencies, only to be disappointed by the price quoted each time. What’s wrong with simply building your own website with some tips you’ve managed to cobble together online?

Pretty much everything is wrong with that approach, unfortunately. Allow us to explain…


If you want a quality ecommerce website design, you need to invest

 Yes, that word: invest. We do realise that you may be a start-up or a lone entrepreneur without a huge amount of money to plough into a website. But the bald fact of the matter is that you can’t hope to launch a truly successful new product or ecommerce business unless you have put some proper investment into your ecommerce website design.

Picture the situation, after all, if you had been opening a brick-and-mortar store instead. Such things do not come cheap, what with the lease, paints, lights, shelves, flooring, displays, inventory systems and many other elements that you will have to pay for over a year.

Unfortunately, even if you covered that basic expense, your store would still compare unfavourably to the big brand-name competitor next door. But the world of ecommerce website design is different. It’s a much leveller playing field, with only a fraction of the costs required to build a genuinely great, fully-functioning ecommerce portal that actually compares quite nicely to that of the aforementioned big brand-name competitor.

Oh, and that ecommerce website could then be left pretty much untouched for years, in sharp contrast to the heavy maintenance requirements associated with a brick-and-mortar site.


Contact Futura now to get your complete ecommerce portal off the ground

 Now, there are so many other aspects of your company’s approach to ecommerce website design that we could address – such as the importance of taking cues from what does and doesn’t work on your competitors’ sites, and ensuring that your site displays well on smartphones and tablets.

But ultimately, it’s the message of the importance of investing for quality that we would like you to take away from this piece. By getting in touch with the Futura ecommerce web design team today, you may also be surprised by just how attainable your company’s dream site could be.

About the author
Rahul is the Creative Director and Co-Founder at Futura, overseeing all creative output from the studio. With an execellent eye for detail, he solves problems with clear & simple design.

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