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Whatever business sector your company is in, when your business is new, it’s obvious enough these days that it requires a powerful and relevant brand strategy, positioning and brand identity. But what if your company is an older one that existed long before most businesses really knew what ‘strategic brand building’ was, or before it had...
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What is a genuinely custom web design? Many web design companies seem to think it consists of a pre-designed template taken from an online store, with the client’s logo and content slapped on it and some colour customisation. While this kind of design may require little financial outlay, it simply won’t help a business differentiate...
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Right now your company has numerous potential customers trying to decide whether or not they should do business with you – or with one of your competitors. Your marketing strategies or your networking abilities may have got your business in front of them, you may have pitched to them with passion and energy, but unfortunately...
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The mysteriousness that once surrounded the hedge fund sector is slowly disappearing. The industry evolved over the years, and of recent hedge funds have appreciated the need to become much more marketing savvy. More and more hedge fund managers are responding to these demands by developing a web presence and using the most trusted and effective hedge...
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(Published In The October 2016 Issue of Asian Wealth Magazine) Discover how to create the allure that defines a luxury brand, that will get customers craving your products and services and paying premium prices for them. Luxury brands occupy a special place in our minds that keep us craving them and wanting to buy them...
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As a solicitor, it goes without saying that your job is a highly demanding and responsible one, for which impeccable specialist knowledge is needed at every stage of your relationships with your clients, to whom you will wish to provide the best service, whatever their specific circumstances. The legal profession is a niche and vitally...
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If you are just setting up a new food and drink brand or are looking to grow your existing one, getting the right website design is essential to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A free website builder can provide you with a basic online presence, but is it enough if you’re looking...
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When you are looking to build a successful brand for your business, you may be tempted to leave the hard work to a web development company. To create an effective brand strategy requires delving deeper and attempting to understand the psychology of your clients and customers, which will help you improve the effectiveness and ROI...
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For selling your products online, an ecommerce website is the most obvious solution. However, maintaining your online brand and enticing customers to make a purchase can often be more challenging than launching the site in the first place. To offer a helping hand, here at Futura, we’ve decided to outline five of the best ways...
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